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Our family has a long history of supplying a broad range of wood products to national, regional and international markets.

In 2004, Penberthy International was created to work with customers requiring specialty products and services not available by local suppliers. Penberthy International’s existence rests upon the shoulders of pioneering family members, past Penberthy Lumber Company customers, sales people, millworkers as well as domestic and overseas source mills that have handled our wood products and traded lumber with us throughout the years.

Today, Penberthy International specializes in Commercial, Architectural, Music and Marine wood products markets that require exacting quality and machining specifications and on time delivery. In the past five years, Penberthy International has moved to the top choice of those purchasing specialty hardwoods and softwoods. Purchasers rely on our prompt response, accurate characterization, fair pricing and timely supply of lumber and wood products available to fill their needs.